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Learn How to Repair an Odometer with Parts Avatar Canada

Most of the people think that it would be very expensive to replace an odometer which has come to an end. But it is really very easy to replace an odometer. The main reason due to which your odometer may stop working is because its gear would have worn out. There is no requirement of some special tools to do this task. But you must keep this thing is mind to carefully watch out for or else you there are chances that the speedometer can get damaged as it is housed in the same gauge as odometer. Most of the people worry that the car’s recorded mileage may get changed if they mess around with car odometer. But do not worry as the recorded mileage cannot be changed. You must know this important thing that the speedometer as well as odometer lies in the same gauge and that’s why it is known as a “speedometer gauge.”

Repair an Odometer

Now carefully disconnect the negative cable which is there on your car battery. Then later use a screwdriver which is flat head and then the gasket lies near the face of the speedometer and then remove the gasket. Now you have to take out the entire gauge and just be careful that you don’t disconnect the connecting wire while performing this task. Now you will be able to easily reach behind the gauge and then carefully see how the wire is connected to it. Make sure that you don’t disconnect it. Now when you have reached near the gauge and then disconnect it carefully by grasping it near the connection and pull it free.

Gently lay the gauge downwards and then use a screwdriver to remove all the screws from the back. Now once you have removed all the screws, then you can lift the gauge out and then turn the face up on the work surface


There is a post with which you can reset the trip of the odometer and then later gently pull it from the gauge. Make sure that you do this thing gently. If you feel any sort of resistance while you are pulling it, then you can always place your finger under the dial of the gauge and then you can press upward. The motor casing resembles a small black plastic box. This box is attached to the reverse side of the dial. It is further separated from the metal housing of the gauge and it has speedometer.

Pinch the round base of the needle and then you can remove the needle of the speedometer. Then later pull it up slowly. Take your time while performing this step and it is super easy to bend the needle.

Find a screwdriver from your kit and then try to unscrew the carefully remove the screws. Now once you have removed all the screws, then it is time to pull the motor. Then carefully pull the gear pod off. It is attached to the lid and would come off as such once pulled.

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Know Car Heater Malfunctions and Maintenance with Parts Avatar Canada

Getting ready early in the winter mornings can be very stressful. If you are in the middle of the winter and suddenly your car heater stops working, then it would make you feel miserable. Due to this the inside of your car would feel like an ice box and broken heater would also not allow your defroster to blow warm air to your car windshield and then ice and fog would not be eliminated, which would cause a hazard while you are driving.

Heater Malfunctions

Here are some causes of a car heater breakdown

There are a number of reasons due to which a car heater can stop working. They are as follows:

  • A low water level or antifreeze due to a leak in the car cooling system.
  • A blower fan that may not be working properly.
  • May be the engine is not working up properly due to a bad thermostat.
  • Presence of some rust particles in the coolant which has blocked the heater core and thus no air is being circulated into the cabin properly.

As you have now seen that there can be various problems and due to that you may require different types of repairs. The car heater is a combination of various things which provides heat into the vehicle. The most important component of a car heater is its heater core which acts like a small radiator and passes the hot air under the dashboard into your car. If you want to replace, then it may cost you several hundred dollars.

A heater core is a part that is placed on a workbench and the car is built around it. You must know this thing that if you want to replace a heater core, it may take more than a day to repair it.

The heating system works with the same coolant that is circulated throughout the engine. Here is the procedure with the help of which you will be able to change your antifreeze:

  1. Getting started

The first thing which you have to do is to unscrew the radiator and make sure that you wear your safety goggles. Take the antifreeze tester and then insert the tubing into the radiator. It is really important to change the antifreeze periodically or else it would turn acidic.

  1. Starting the freshwater to flush

If you want to get rid of all the accumulated sediments and rust, then nothing would work better than the freshwater flush. You should always keep your child as well as pet away from this and don’t forget to recycle the old antifreeze.

freshwater to flush

  1. Install the T- fitting

Take a knife and try to cut the inlet hose. Use the hose clamps to insert the T-fitting into the hose. Then the next step is to take the radiator adapter and attach hose at one end and the other to its radiator. Next step is to screw your garden hose and turn it on. Now the water and antifreeze would start draining into the pan. Drain the water from the petcock valve.

  1. Replace the thermostat

The main motive of the thermostat is to make sure that your car engine doesn’t overheat. Remove the housing of the thermostat and then unscrew the thermostat assembly. Now take a new one and carefully put it back into the socket.

  1. Replace the antifreeze

Mostly all the cars require 50/50 mix water and antifreeze. You can always refer to your owner’s manual to check the amount of antifreeze which you need to put in. Fill in the radiator and reservoir with antifreeze and then you can fill it to the top by adding water. Replace the pressure cap and then you are done.

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