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Bentley Mulsanne Speed


The new mulsanne speed is a whole automobile to force. A automobile for people who prefer to pressure their automobile by themselves. Speakme approximately the velocity and road grip, it is engraved in mulsanne’s plates. The automobile is equipped with tighter suspension, in particular tuned powertrain and styled like a masterpiece make take a seat the automobile of a century. Mulsanne is promised to offer its customer with a interesting speed in a whole luxurious car. The vibrant and polished chrome outside info are the perk of bentley. But within the new mulsanne velocity, a polished darkish tint is introduced into the interior. It is all new pace vents and a specifically designed matrix grille all are the features of bentley only.


When you put a glance on Mulsanne Speed you will notice the marvelous architecture of Bentley’s year’s old history. Starting from the foot pedals, these pedals are made up of drilled alloy, a gear lever just similar to any sports car and a dynamic edge being a car with the handcrafted interior. The surfaces are chrome plated that prevent the fingers from slipping. Though these details aren’t evident from top view yet the designers from Bentley’s and craftsmen these details meant a lot.


The new Mulsanne Speed is all about performance. All new re-engineered 7 liters twin-turbocharged V8 engine is placed under the bonnet. It can gain a speed of 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds only. The transmission is 8-speed automatic transmission.


The cabin of the new mulsanne velocity is designed with a tremendous care. Hand-stitched leather-based coverings coming in the diverse colour split, which may be commissioned in numerous mixtures. Now not to overlook to mention the door panels and headrests of this automobile, diamond quilting can be seen everywhere and can be made as consistent with your colour of choice. The brand new mulsanne pace, just like different cars of the variety has a completely stronger protection functions. The protection measurements encompass airbags equipped within the roof, they prevent driving force and passengers from serious injuries for the duration of an twist of fate.


The automobile has a blend of technology with traditional bentley design. The headlamps are lighted by way of leds and are barely repositioned for a swish, mesmerizing and a luxury appearance in conjunction with assistive technology. The auto is also built configured with light sensors as well as gps integration. This permits routinely switching a number of the four one of a kind mild modes. Those light modes are optimized for in town driving, riding inside the nation-state, and at the dual carriageway.

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Automatic Features in the Latest Cars that blow your Mind

Automatic Features in the Latest Cars that blow your Mind

There’s something which you are looking for, these capabilities that are being delivered inside the brand new cars are without a doubt bind blowing, and everybody need to force in such motors having these features.

Programmed parallel and opposite stopping frameworks

At the off chance that in case you are living in a main city or an city territory by and massive, seeking out parking can get extremely irritating even no longer drives you to the hassle of paralleling park. Presently, in any case, a few corporations like Toyota, Lexus and ford to take step to include human beings for parking which discover a place and carry out a near faultless parallel park flow with out botching anybody’s protect. This 12 months, car groups like Bosch is however permitting drivers to get away a car and have motors park themselves with the assistance of an software.

Autos that drive themselves

The sacred chalice of slicing side car innovation is having automobiles that drive themselves, and the maximum updated form of Tesla’s version s is proper about there with its autopilot function. The framework utilizes a camera, radar, and 360 degree sonar sensors that manage the velocity, keep the auto transferring to keep from other cars, turns, and forestall clearly. Self-using vehicles could be the various most sizzling matters in the car commercial enterprise for the duration of the following couple of years, with gm and even apple reputed to get in at the interest.

Automatic stop and start engines

This option is absolutely tremendous, this basically is for saving your car’s fuel while you are in a visitors jam. Someday we need to maintain our vehicle’s engine directly to preserve our automobile moving in spite of very sluggish speed. Sometime we should forestall our vehicle whilst things cross in the halt. A new 2015’s version vehicle named Chevy Malibu comes with this selection so one can store your vehicle gasoline for long term whilst you are facing a visitors jam.